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            The meaning of industrial design!

            Date:2013-03-27 20:33:56From:Taizhou Yongxin Pioneer Metals Corporation

            No industrial design, still there will be a commodity. Industrial design is like a catalyst, can be catalytic commodity and industry rapid development in the direction of the more valuable. Commodity life cycle, industry life cycle. Industrial design is like a catalyst, in the slow down or speed up the goods, in the life cycle of its own is not the life cycle of, will only move forward, let its catalytic, commodity and industry more scientific and more practical.

            More scientific, industrial design is a person, is linked to the commodity and industry. Abroad has very profound system research method, such as man-machine engineering, value engineering and so on. Are these studies and methods in order to make a product more reasonable and more suitable people's life and work.

            More practical: industrial design not flashy action. It is useful research methods, it carries out the results is useful. Can quickly is simple by consumers, the market test. The value of it is directly by consumers in order to vote. Very cruel.




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