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            Plastic mold industry in China and abroad as compared to what issues?

            Date:2013-03-27 21:00:08From:Taizhou Yongxin Pioneer Metals Corporation

            (1) the unbalanced development, the overall level is low. While individual enterprise products has reached or close to international advanced level, but overall, the mold precision, cavity indices such as the roughness of the surface, the production cycle, the life has bigger gap compared with foreign advanced level. Including the mode of production and the overall level of enterprise management, compared with foreign developed countries have more than 10 years.

            (2) the backward technology and equipment, organization and coordination ability is poor. Although some enterprises after the technical transformation of recent years, it is comparatively advanced technology and equipment level, equipment level of some joint ventures is not lag behind the foreign countries, but most of the business is still relatively backward technology and equipment. More major is, the enterprise organization and coordination ability is poor, difficult to integrate or transfer the use of social resources, thus it will be difficult to undertake large projects.

            (3) most of the enterprise development ability is weak, lack of innovation ability obviously. On the one hand, technical personnel ratio is low, the level is not high, on the other hand, is a research and development investment less; More important is the idea behind, did not attach enough importance to innovation and development. Mould enterprises not only should attach great importance to the development of mold, but also attaches great importance to the innovation of the products.

            (4) the short term is difficult to alleviate contradiction between supply and demand. In recent years, domestic plastic mold to meet domestic market rate has been less than 74%, in which large, precision, long life molds to meet rate is lower, estimates that less than 60%. At the same time, the mould is accelerating industrial developed countries to transfer in China, more and more international procurement, international market prospects look good. The market demand, production development is difficult to keep up with, in short supply situation will continue for a period of time.

            (5) system and talent will take time to resolve the problem. In the socialist market economy, competitive industries, especially like the mould depends on the particular users, which is to be single production industry, the state-owned and collective ownership of the original system and operating mechanism has become more and more not adapt. The number of talents and quality also can't keep up with the fast development of the industry. Taizhou yong xin metal co., LTD is one specialized is engaged in the development of product design, mold design, precision injection molding, assembly, painting, printing, anodic oxidation and machining. Since founded in 2007, has focused on electrical appliances product development and application of the engineering plastics parts!


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